Minutes 29/3/2016

Present: Dee, Anne, Susan, Lynn, Roger, Janneke, Maya, Andy, Mailis, Nassai, Mark, Lynn, Phillip, Richard, Kayla


Approved treasurer's report (see below), including payments to be made to:

     - Maya (costumes deposit) $100.00

     - Artworks (March rehearsals) $135.00

     - Susan (shipping Messiah books) $120.00

     - Philip (AGM refreshments) $52.00

Signed the Constitution amendments

Mark to send to the Companies Office.

Sound of Music

Andy clarified the changes to the cast, it was approved by the committee

Nora West may be a new nun

Kara Nelson has expressed a wish to drop out of the production as she feels it may be too much - Maya suggested the probability of a wheelchair being provided, Ann suggested fewer shows that Kara would perform it, Robin suggested Kara only do the ballroom scene

Robin complained of confusion about the rehearsal schedule - Andy and Richard will discuss the schedule every Sunday, and Ann will send it out

Sundays are now the full cast

Richard to talk with Kara

Robin + Mark to write up some articles for newspapers

Dee to check details on tickets, dates - and send to Robin

Carmina Burana

Ian Tetley is keen to be our tenor soloist

Anne cannot play piano for the performances - we will have to find someone

Dee to check availability for November the 26th and the 17th

Treasurer’s Report


04-Mar LiteIT sponsorship
16-Mar Donations and koha tin


Date Outwards Cheque Amount
14-Jan Audit conf report fee
29-Feb Artworks deposit E40 $220.00
29-Feb Artworks rehearsals E41 $120.00
29-Feb NZ Choral Society dues E42 $470.00
07-Mar AGM ad Marketplace E43 $23.00
16-Mar A Spence (set & costumes) E44 $1,382.74
16-Mar NZ Post box E45 $160.00
16-Mar Copy Expresso (violin books) E46 $90.10
16-Mar AGM ad Gulf News E47 $19.40
18-Mar Artworks training E48 $30.00


Payables: Maya Spence (costumes deposit)

Artworks rehearsals

Susan Triggs (shipping Messiah books)

Philip Symonds (AGM refreshments)

Receivables: None

Operating profit (or -loss)

Balances: Cheque account

Reserve fund