Minutes 2/2/2016

Present: Maya, Andy, Mark, Dee, Phillip, Richard, Lynn, Nassai, Mailis, Saskia, Nicolas, Phillip, Robin, Susan, Anne

Apologies: Mig


Harrop & Hargraves are unable to be our auditors for this year, Mark has contacted the New Zealand Trust Association.

The Choral Society has authorised Mark to find a suitable replacement


The AGM will be held on the 22nd of March

Mark to advertise

Sound of Music

The budget may need to be adjusted from because of the costumes

We have decided on four weekends, with nineteen performances

Ticket prices willl be $25 for adults, $15 for children, $20 for seniors, and $70 dollars for a family of four

Tickets bought online will have a decreased price of three less dollars

The first week of shows will have a $5 dollar discount on all tickets

There will be a meeting at Ann's house (2b Fisher Street) on February the 8th, at 11:00AM to discuss practise time for the soloists

The issue of the compulsory joining of the choir because of the plays will be discussed at the AGM.

Dee to chase up on sponsorships

Carmina Burana

Dee to ask Kathy Ogletree about how many performances there will be

Dee to contact Te Hurihi about booking


The Waiheke Choral Society has been invited to a weekend workshop by the Auckland Choral Society, on the 21st of February at MORRA hall