Minutes 1/12/15

Present: Dee, Susan, Philip, Andy, Maya, Saskia, Nassai, Mailis, Nicolas, Mark, Richard, Anne

Apologies: Mig, Lyn

Financial Report Approval of accounts to pay

Finance report (below) approved by Andy, seconded by Ann

Christmas Concert

Positive remarks in response to concert

The committee has decided to do a joint concert again

Sound of Music

Roger will to the special effects

Andy to give Dee the information regarding rehearsals

Robin to follow up on the email concerning characterisation, and to access online files

Maya to meet with Donna regarding the makeup

From the 9th of February 2016, rehearsals will commence

2016 & Beyond

Carmina Burana will possibly take place at Te Huruhi Primary School

Christmas Party

The cast of the Sound of Music will be invited, as long as they have paid membership

The party will be on the 19th of December, at 6:00pm, at Onetangi Hall (if available, or the Bowling Club), with members asked to bring a plate.


Cards to be sent to Eric McMillan and Norma Cross, possibly by Jeanne Mellamphy

Treasurer’s report for January through November 2015


Costumes lent to Vicar of Dibley

Subs 2015

Beethoven Mass ticket sales

Christmas Choralfest ticket sales/koha

Donations and koha tin


Date Outwards Cheque Amount
19-Jan Audit conf report fee
13-Feb Play Bureau applic fee E1 $20.00
13-Feb M James (blank CDs) E2 $29.90
13-Feb S Triggs (committee food) E3 $100.00
20-Feb Fat Lady script hire E4 $133.98
28-Mar Gulf News AGM ad E5 $15.40
28-Mar NZ Post box rental E6 $155.00
28-Mar Marion K’s parting gift E7 $156.00
04-May Artworks hire E8 $60.00
18-May Harrop & Hargrave E9 $782.00
20-Jun Kirsten Kesting parting gift E10 $20.00
20-Jun Onetangi Hall for party E11 $105.00
26-Jun Whittaker’s Museum E12 $368.00
27-Jul Sound of Music deposit E13 $244.97
27-Jul Soloist honorarium 714 $300.00
29-Jul Soloist honorarium 713 $300.00
30-Jul Soloist honorarium 712 $300.00
30-Jul Transfer fee E14 $20.08
13-Aug Concert flowers etc E15 $208.00
14-Aug Donation to church E16 $250.00
21-Aug Gulf News ad E17 $71.30
21-Aug M Spence (party) E18 $75.53
28-Sep Sound of Music perf rights
29-Sep S Triggs (Messiah scores) E19 $126.00
29-Sep Artwoks hire (auditions) E20 $150.00
29-Sep A Spence (ads) E21 $218.45
01-Oct International transfer fee E22 $20.05
09-Oct Gulf News ad E23 $98.90
04-Nov Artworks deposit (10%) for Sound of Music E24 $251.00
04-Nov NZ Choral Federation E25 $295.00
04-Nov Onetangi Hall hire E26 $120.00
18-Nov Whittakers Music Museum E28 $138.00
19-Nov Marketplace ad E29 $126.50


Payables: Brenda Harrington (flowers)

Susan Triggs (flowers)

Lloyd Whittaker (piano tuning)

Gulf News ad

Andy Spence (projector)

Receivables: None

Operating profit (or -loss)

Balances: Cheque account

Reserve fund