Committee Meeting 30/6/15

Present: Ann, Dee, Nicolas, Mailis, Nassai, Mig, Richard, Maya, Susan

Absent: Saskia, Phillip, Mark, Andy

Midwinter party:

Set up crew at 4.00PM Saturday, Maya, Nicolas, Nassai, Saskia, Mailis

Phillip is appointed MC

Dee to send out a email saying to bring a generous amount of food and to bring our own drinks

Maya to make vegetables, and get 3 chickens, snacks, napkins and 1 white 1 red bottle of wine

Nicolas to bring glasses

Susan to give Maya the lights and the boxes

Ann to put a song-sheet together


15$ price and 10$ concession

Dee to make tickets, which will be available to the choir members at each rehearsal, and organise them at Shop the Rock

Nicolas to speak to Saskia about getting the poster done ASAP

Richartd to write a blurb on the boat, send it to Dee, who will then put it in the Marketplace

The Sound of Music:

The application is still pending