Committee meeting 19/05/2015

Present:, Saskia, Mailis, Nassai, Nicolas, Maya, Andy, Dee, Phillip, Richard, Mig, Ann, Susan

Fat Lady

Has been put to bed.


Action: Richard and Ann will sit together and define/agree on the music to be performed


We will perform The Sound of Music next year, end of May/beginning of June.
There will be 2 casts of children

Richard emphasised the importance of planning well ahead and to start early. Proposes to hold workshops to get things rolling, and hence have the community talking about it.

We need to find a director.

Action: Andy to talk to a few people that might be interested in being director

Action: Andy to talk to Collin concerning set design and see if he is willing to do it

Action: Maya to take contact with John from the Auckland Theatre company (?) to see if any costumes, props & sceneries are available

Carmina Burana

As the Sound of Music has priority and we cannot do both at the same time, this has been postponed until after the play.

We need to try and get some (serious) funding for this to maybe be able to have some musicians and Orff instruments.