Minutes 12/5/15

Present: Dee, Richard, Ann, Andy, Maya, Nicolas, Saskia, Nassai, Mailis, Mig, Phillip, Susan

Fat Lady Sings

Phillip suggests that we do the Fat Lady at another time and doing the variety show and one piece

Maya suggests we do Sound of Music

Ann suggested doing a non-religious concert

Richard believes we should focus on the Beethoven , but should not drop the variety show

We decided to postpone the Fat Lady and the variety show indefinitely

Dee to cancel Artworks reservations


It will still be in July


Andy has declared he never wants to direct a show again

Dee gave Nassai a bank statement as well as 2 letters from Harrop and Hargrave.

The first communicating cessation of audit services and the second being a statement of overdue payment of $782.00

We will hold a meeting after choir practice on the 19th of May