Minutes 5/5/15

Present: Ann, Saskia, Nassai, Mailis, Andy, Maya, Nicolas, Richard, Phillip, Mig, Dee, Susan.

Apologies: Lyn


Phillip approved the payment of the Artworks Theatre bill.

We expect a letter from Harrop and Hargrave at the end of the year that they may be unable to continue as our accountants

Susan gave Nassai the 2014 accounts from Harrop and Hargrave

Susan and Mark will be doing online banking with Business Fastnet


We still only have 3 cast members for The Fat Lady Sings: Janis McArdle and Renee Casserly have been suggested for the 4th and Andy has contacted them.

On Thursday the 14th we will have a rehearsal at Artworks Theatre for the variety show.

Ann is not available between 9th and the 18th of July; so probably only Th/Fr/Sa/Sa/Su shows on two weekends—10 shows.

Phillip suggests that the Fat Lady play is too long and may need editing; Andy disagrees…

We will hold a musical rehearsal with costumes at the pensioner village on the Thursday before the Press Dress (Th18Jun).

Richard to write a blurb

Saskia and Dee to make a poster

Dee to put the blurb into the newspaper


Richard to send Dee Tevis' email; Harriet singing with Dmitry next week, so will get his new contact details (Dee’s been unable to reach him.)

Christmas Concert

Richard wishes to find a harp for the Christmas concert, seconded by Dee


Phillip suggests going to places such as the market and the wharf to sing 1 or 2 songs from the Carmen as advertising


Nassai gave Nicolas a bank statement from ASB.