Committee meeting 24/03/2015

Present: Saskia, Mailis, Nassai, Nicolas, Maya, Andy, Dee, Phillip, Richard, Mig, Ann
Apologies: Susan

Treasurer things

Nic received the financial folder as well as the key for the PO box. Nic handed the keys to Dee, as he is hardly ever in Oneroa.
Several bill were presented:
- Parting present to Marion, $ 156.00; approved by Andy, seconded by Maya
- Ad for the AGM in the Gulf News $15.40, :approved by Richard, seconded by Mailis
- Already paid Ad for the AGM in the Market Place $8.05 ; approved by Andy, seconded by Saskia
- PO Box, New Zealand Post $ 155.00; approved by Ann, seconded by Mig

Action: Nicolas to ask Susan to pay bills via internet


In two weeks, we will be having The Fat Lady Sings rehearsals

Auditions will be held on Friday the 24th of April, at Whittakers at 7.00

Jaime and Howard are all for being our technicians, and Kristen Sorrenson is fine with doing costumes

Linda Savage is able to at least partially direct. Will help with character building, and has an idea for someone who could be the fourth main character

From three weeks prior to the show, we will hold a Sunday rehearsal

On Thursdays at 7.00 from the 7th of May onwards we will hold Music Hall rehearsals

Action: Dee to check availability of Artworks

Action: Andy to advertise the audition

Action: Andy to talk to Judy Oliver about choreography

Action: Richard look for music for Saskia, Nassai, and Mailis

Beethoven concert

For the next four weeks, the tenors and basses will have separate rehearsals from the sopranos and altos

The concert will be on the last weekend of July (25/26) at 2.00

Milla will be our soprano soloist, and Harriet will be our alto

Action: Dee to contact Dmitry about being our tenor

Action: Richard to send Dee Tavis's email address


Mail received from the New Zealand Choral Federation, Will be filed

Action: Dee to check availability at Saint Peters for our Christmas concert

Action: Nassai to find the Code of Practise of the Waiheke Choral Society's website, print it, and bring it to the next meeting