Committee meeting 10/02/2015

Present:, Andy, Maya, Lynn, , Maïlis, Susan, Nicolas, Saskia, Mig, Richard

Apologies: Nassai, Dee

This Year

Mass in C, end of May/June
Fat Lady sings + music hall End of June /July

Fat Lady sings

Need a director for Fat lady, as Andy plays a role, there will be no auditions for Fat lady
Andy will direct the misuc hall
Theater is already booked

Action: Andy to Organise the score of Fat Lady sings

Action: Dee to send out an email to the choir to ask who would want to be involved

Action: Andy to ask Zak and Allen if they want to direct Fat Lady

Action: Maya to ask Christen Sorensen if she wants to help with costumes

Action: Saskia to ask at the school for possible musicians

Action: Andy to ask Ann to ask organise the music/musicians. Andy/Richard & Ann to discuss the music

Action: Andy to prepare an article concerning the show and allows participation (after audition and if member of the choir)


Date set to 17th March 2015

Action: Mark to announce this in the papers


Action: Susan to try and organise some WWI funding. Mark will assist


Waiheke Community Theatre asked if a discount (20%) for the WCS would be possible for their members.
This is approved if reciprocal

Action: Andy to tell them and get response