Committee meeting 7/12/2014

Present:, Andy, Maya, Lynn, Nassai, Maïlis, Susan, Nicolas, Dee, Saskia, Mig, Richard

X-mas Concert

Action: Dee to make sure Ann is aware of possible extra soloist(s) and that she can/want to accommodate them

Action: Dee to send out the posters

Action: Dee to email the dress code: Red & green

Action: Susan to organise cakes for after the concert

X-mas Party

Action: Susan being reminded to make the ham

Decoration: Will happen after the Sunday concert. The more, the merrier and quickly done

Action: Andy to verify the hall's availability on Sunday and organise the keys

Next Year

Fat Lady + Variety show. Andy to be the director.
Sub-committee (Andy, Maya, Richard, Lynn) to define a theme.
To be performed last week of June and 2 first weeks of July

Action: Dee to check availability of Artworks and provisionally book
Action: Sub-committee to define a theme


Carmina Burana is still planned

Action: Dee to check if Kathy Ogletree would like to be involved