Minutes, 7th of October, 6.00pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Saskia, Nassai, Mailis, Phillip, Mig, Mark, Richard, Dee, Nicolas (late) and Susan


Still missing a tenor for the Handel – Dee is working on it.

Tuesday concert in town cancelled.

Mark will write an article about the concert.

Mig will contact Choral FED about advertising on their website.

Dee will put the ad on Fullers

Saskia will draw the poster for the concert.

Extra rehearsals planned for Sunday 19th and Sunday 26st from 2.30 to 4.30 pm for everyone at Whittakers.

On Tuesday 14th the men will rehearse at Whittakers and the women will rehearse at Anne’s at normal time (Anne lives at 2b Fisher Street in Surfdale)

Coming Tuesdays to be confirmed

Next Year’s Show

We have received a positive result for My Fair Lady, a negative result for Chicago, and have had no responses from all others.

We will continue pursuing Carrousel, Man of La Mancha, Fat Lady Sings and Les Misérables.


Phillip gives thanks for the dinner at Ajaaz.