Committee meeting 23/9/2014

Present:, Andy, Maya, , Mig, Richard, Phillip, Nassai, Maïlis, Susan, Nicolas, Dee, Saskia

Next year show

Not much progress re availability and costs for the shows

Oh that lovely war and Chicago seems to be unavailable
No response for the other shows Andy inquired for

Dee is in favour for Fat Lady sings and said we should do it

We heard synopsis of the different shows and Philiip introduced Man of La Mancha (Don Quichotte) as a potential show.

Deemed out are Jesus Christ Super star and A Fair lady

Action: The following shows are still in consideration and the assigned people should find out costs and availability until next meeting:

A fat Lady SingsSusan
Les MiserablesSaskia
Man of La ManchaPhillip
JosephMailis (with help of her sisters)
PatienceNo rights, so available and free

To do so, google Rights for + show name and follow instructions. Sample email was received from Andy last week.


Richard handed in an email from Roberta Taylor-Talbot, new Worship Co-ordinator of the Anglican Church Waiheke asking the WCS to be involved in 'Nine Lessons and Carols' due to be done at the Service 21/12/2014 5 pm at St Peter's.

Action: To be discussed at next meeting whether the WCS should/wants to be involved

Next meeting: 7/10/14 @ 18.00 (Choir rehearsal starting 7 pm)