Committee meeting 31/8/2014

Present:, Andy, Maya, Dee, Mig, Richard, Saskia, Nassai, Maïlis, Susan, Nicolas

War & Peace concert

8 & 9/11/14 At St Peters
11/11 at probably St Benedicts, Newton or St Michaels, Remuera

Amelia, Harriet, George
Tenor still missing as well as second alto
Harriet might do as well the second alt part

Piano: Ann
Richard has asked the Auckland youth orchestra as well as another orchestra
No replies as yet
Action: Richard to keep us informed on progress

To be done nearer to the dates
Action: Dee to find out close date for EventFinder, November edition

Jannet keen to do the poster
Action: Dee to provide her the details

Code of practice:
Action: Nicolas to print out the code and bring along to next meeting


The following has been approved:
Tuning of Piano: $120
40 trip for Richard: $475
Photocopying expensed for Dee: approx. $20

Next year

Charly, professional director, offers to direct Oliver. This should happen in the winter
Action: Andy to find costs of rights and availability
Renee (theater) would also consider a joint production
Linda has a script for a musical (free?) that we could use


X-mas concert 21/12/14 at St Peters. Parts of Messiah + well known songs/carols
Everyone invited to sing along
Action: Dee to check church availability

List of choir members
Action: Dee to email list of choir members containing contact details to all

Committee meeting to happen before Tuesday rehearsals fortnightly from now on
Next meeting 16/9/14 @ 18.30