Committee meeting 3/6/2014

Present: Andy, Maya, Dee, Richard, Saskia, Nassai, Maïlis, Susan, Nicolas

Phillip, Marc, Lynn

Mid winter gathering
Dinner Tuesday 1rst of July, 6-9 p.m. Onetangi Hall..

Action: Andy to organise the hall

Action: Herren family to make the veggies

Action: Andy to make some chickens

Action: Susan to make the ham

Action: Dee to email invite to all (except George, Frida and Kirstin), bring a plate & mention Koha at the hall. RSVP until17/6/14
Special modified email for George, Fria and Kirstin, asking for their presence since they are leave, omitting the Koha

Action: Maya to look out for Waiheke prints

DVD fundraiser

Richard offers to screen a DVD as a fundraiser

Action: Richard to check if we are allowed to screen it

Action: Dee to check with the cinema for possible dates


Concert to be performed week-end 8/9 November as well as Tuesday 11/11 at Waiheke Highschool Hall
Action: Need to check for possible funding, Nic to follow up with Kirstin on the results as per action point meeting 22/4/14

Future Action: Organise venue

Future Action: Get sound engeneer (the same as for Sister shout?)