Committee meeting 6/5/2014

Phillip, Andy, Maya, Dee, Lynn, Richard, Marc, Saskia, Nassai, Maïlis, Susan, Nicolas


Song of Soldiers
The committee heard of the reasons leading to the cancellation, especially Reg's disappointment about the feedback..
Richard was not aware the play was copyrighted, hence limiting possible changes
We did not think of the sentiments such a play might raise especially for those that had family members involved in WW1 (like Richard and Reg for example)

The committee expresses their thanks to Andy for all the hard work done towards that show

Action: Nic to write a thank you letter for Reg

Action: Andy to update facebook page to remove mention of the show

Action: Marc to update the website

What now

Discussion ensued about what we now do.
Ideas were:
- Work on Carmen, with a choir concert by end of the year and performance sometime in 2015
- Fat Lady (Variety show that would hang the choir together)
- Ruddy Gore (?) which Allen Knight might direct.
- Choral music only (i.e. Mass by Dave Brubeck proposed by Dee, or something else)

Dee also mentioned that singing was more important than a show.
Andy cannot take a director role as he has commitments with the Waiheke Theatre Company

Action: Committee to meet weekly until decision is made. To choose from one of the above 4 options

Action: Andy and Maya to give their input via email as they cannot attend meeting 13/5/14

Action: Marc to talk to Allen if he would be prepared to direct Ruddy Gore

Action : Susan to talk to Phillip if he would be willing to direct Fat Lady (or Ruddy Gore should Allen not want to)