Committee meeting 22/4/2014

Phillip, Andy, Maya, Dee, Lynn, Kirsten, Richard, Marc, Saskia, Nassai, Mailis, Susan, Nicolas

Karen, Mig

Master of food & beverage:

Messiah concert

Just under 200 people came making an income of roughly $2'600

Richard: It was great

Payment to soloists:
Milla/Amelia: $150 each
Pat: $200
Ian: $300
Rob: $600

Action: Dee to get addresses of all soloists and send the cheques

Action: Marc to write an article thanking specially Fullers (for sponsored tickets), St Peter's and Sue/Shop the Rock

WW1 show:

to be held Artworks, 26th Mai 2014 7 pm

Action: Andy to organise an article in the Gulf News and Marketplace inviting anyone interested to perform to come to the audition (hence saving the cost of an add)

Show scheduled 31/10 October + following week-end
Also at RSA & Opera Factory second week in November

Reg will play the piano, David the violin
Howard & Jamie will take care of the lightning

Richard expressed concern that it may be too light/happy and wishes that stories from NZ families be somehow added to give more local relevance and depth

Andy presented the budget. Will need more funding

Action: Kirsten to peruse the funding database that can be found at the library and mail potential funders


Next rehearsal 6th Mai 2014

Action: Dee to send email to all