Committee meeting 4th March 2014

Present: Nic, Maya, Nassai, Saskia, Sue, Dee, Karen, Mailis, Richard, Mark, Andy, Philip, Kirsten

Messiah: On track!

Soloists sorted.

When? Easter Sunday and Monday 15:00 at St Peter’s.

Tickets: 20,-; Mark offered to make tickets in two colours.

Poster: Dee will ask Janet and also thank her, so she will do it again next time.

APO: Numbers: We need to turn up with 44 people or let APO know, if there is less of us, so others can take part instead.

Ferry tickets: Dee to hang on to those till the day.

WW1 show: Auditions: Beginning of May.

Shows: 26.9.-4.10. at Artworks and in the community halls afterwards.

Director: Andy

Rehearsals: May to August, with some staging in June. Concentrate on soloists in September.

Next meeting: 25th March