Committee meeting 10.11.13

Present: Nick, Saskia, Nassai, Majlies, Maya, Philip, Sue, Andy, Lynn, Kirsten, Dee, Judy, Mark

Excused: Richard

Agenda:    Cinderella
Christmas party


Stage manager: Ann and Elisabeth will help with costumes
Nick will be overall stage manager
Stage hands to move set: Danny, Summer, Julie, Rui
We need two additional stage hands

Costumes: Maya is in charge
Some costumes need the alterations to be removed before returning
Request to whole cast: Who offers to do washing of costumes after the shows?

Make-up: People need to be there 2 hours before shows
Melissa will do mice
Sabina will do children
A new mineral powder will be used for foundation, better for skin and reduces application time

Props: For ball scene: Ribbons, streamers, party hats, party poppers, kazoos, plastic wine bottle and champagne glasses. Sue will buy more streamers and cast will be asked for bottles and plastic glasses.
Buttons prepares lolly jars, Sue will buy wrapped lollies
Sarah Farand and her kids make props for animals
Throne: Sabina’s green/golden chair?
Chairs for mop dance scene: Sue’s dining room chairs

Painting of backdrop: Colin

Parent roster: Sarah Farand offered to organize parent helpers. Andy will ask her, how it is going.
Parents job is to provide food and entertainment in form of games, crayons etc., mainly to keep children quiet, when they are backstage.

Hair and wigs: Wigs only for sisters, stepmother and Buttons

Publicity: Photos on Andy’s phone and Buttons might have some.
Dee will arrange printing of programmes with Richard

Front of house: Maya will ask Jan Melamphy and Judy will ask Jan Scot

Refreshments: Artworks café to provide food
Dale will be bar manager
Choral Society to buy drinks. Andy will organize that.

Clean up: After last show on Sunday.
Party afterwards
Food: Fish and chips from Little O’ takeaways, gluten free pizza from Stefanos, Farands to organize healthy options. Kirsten will ask them and organize the other food.

Christmas party

Sue will look for a tree at Warehouse

Decoration on Sunday

Party on Tuesday

Requests to everyone: Bring 5,- dollar present, bring a plate, prepare something you might want to do on stage

Kirsten will do the ham, Herren sisters will do roast veggies.