Committee meeting 22.10.13

Present: Nic, Saskia, Mark, Richard, Majlies, Nassai, Dee, Kirsten, Sue, Maja, Philip

Apologies from Lynn and Andy

Agenda: Vivaldi


Christmas party


Next year


Vivaldi: Attendance: 111 persons

Takings: 1675,-

Spending: Donation to church 200,-

Flowers 200,-

Soloists 900,-

Wine undisclosed


Programmes free by friend of Richards, THANK YOU!

Free tickets from Fullers

Thankyous: Dee already thanked Fullers. Mark will put a Thank You to Instrumentalists, Soloists, Richard, Fullers, Janet and person who printed programmes under Public Notices in Gulf News.

Tickets: We want to have paper tickets next time to sell beforehand and thus increase people’s commitment to come to the concert.


Plywood for stairs: Dee will ask Placemakers, if they are willing to donate some plywood to us. Otherwise she will put a request for plywood donation on community notice board on facebook.

Set: Colin is building the set and will need help to bring it in on 4th of November.

Costumes: Pick up Friday

Try on Sunday

Props: Everyone to be responsible for their own props.

Maya and Philip to compare their lists.

Lampshades to be organized, Maya will have a look.

Stage manager: Paula

Lighting: There is an offer for LED lights for Artworks.

Their committee will discuss and decide

The lights can be brought over and Philip and Howard can look at them to decide if they would be good for our show. This would happen during week 4th November.

Choral Society offers to contribute between 300 and 500 dollars, if they serve our purpose.

Advertising: Some photos to be taken on Sunday and be dropped to papers with a story next week.

Ads in papers two weeks before first show.

Dee will ask Fullers about their on-board-screening

Posters: Richard will do one and email it to committee for feedback

Banner: Dee organizes someone to paint banner.

Rehearsals: Andy to send out rehearsal updates every week.

We need full cast at rehearsals.

Philip will chase people up, who don’t show without good apology.

Sunday rehearsals from 1 to 4 from 10th of November.

Performances: Press dress 24.11.

Fri, Sat, Sat, Sun 29.11-1.12.

Thu, Fri, Sat, Sat, Sun 5.12.-8.12.

Choral Society Subs for Cinderella: Kirsten will collect the money

15,- per person

25,- per family


50,- family

20,- adult

15,- concession

Dee will ask Sue at Shop the Rock, if she would sell tickets.

Dee as contact for phone bookings 3456

Dee offers to print tickets, in a different colour for every show.

Mice to sell tickets at the market.

Christmas Party: 17.12.13

Carols: Richard will discuss dates with someone from Anglican Church, who might do something with us together.

First rehearsal next Tuesday. Committee members to bring a plate.

2014: Richard wants to do only choir works, not keen to be involved in possible production.

Concert with Paul Harropp’s orchestra in February.


Hole punch: Nic moves to buy a big hole punch for choir.

Dee will price.

Nic will buy.

All agree.

Next meeting: Sunday 10th at 4 o’clock after rehearsal.