Meeting minutes 2.7.13

Musical production

1. committee decides to do a show and selects the show


2. committee appoints the Director

Andy and Phillip will be the directors and will customise the script.

3. committee appoints the Musical Director


4. committee decides on casting and audition procedures – The Director’s decision must be final and non-contestable and cast to have full acceptance by society members

- Auditions to be held on Sunday 4-6pm and Monday 7-9pm.

- These will be open auditions, so people can watch.

- Applicants will have to sing ‘God of Nations’ and read a bit from the script.

- Dee will make a form for applicants to fill in (name, contact, what part they want, past experience, also that they will be required to help in the background of the show and join the Choral Society, which includes 15,- joining fee for the production) and she will copy the words for the anthem.

- Andy made marking sheets for the available parts, Dee will copy this

- Dee will do front of house on Sunday, Maya and Mark will do this on Monday.

- Committee members form the judging panel

5. committee establishes a budget

- no cost for costumes, except for repairs and cleaning

- Mark will look into budget and explore availability of funding.

6. committee appoints production team to organise, which will then do the following:

7. plans ongoing communication with members, via newsletter and telephone contact

8. sets the dates

29./30.Nov./1.Dec; 6./7./8.Dec; 13./14./15.Dec; press dress 24.Nov

9. arranges accompanist(s)

Ann? Andy will ask. There will be no live musicians in the show. The music is going to be prerecorded

10. obtains the music and libretti

Richard to obtain music

11. liaises with any other parties involved

12. arranges rehearsals – how many? when? where? books the venue

Rehearsals to commence 6.Aug at Whittakers for first few weeks to learn songs, then at Artworks or one of the halls for Choreography.

13. books a venue for performances – rehearsals commence

14. considers choreography

Kathy or Judy Oliver (or Tristan?)

15. obtains stage manager /stage hands

16. obtains lighting personnel

17. arranges costumes / costume co-ordinator


18. arranges set designer

Colin to be asked

19. arranges set building and decoration

20. arranges painting of backdrop(s)

21. considers props

22. considers make-up

23. considers hair and wigs

24. arranges dresser(s)

25. decides cost of tickets and booking details

26. decides publicity and advertising / banner

27. arranges graphic design / production of programmes

28. arranges for front of house / refreshments / setting up / cleaning etc.

29. performance / flowers / thanks

Next meeting 9.July, 6:30 at Whittakers.