Committee meeting 28th May 2013

Present: Lynn, Maya, Mala, Philip, Nassai, Mark, Dee, Richard, Nic, Andy, Saskia, Kirsten

Excused: Sue

Agenda: Plan for panto. Forward planning for next couple of years.

  1. Panto

  1. Side-by-side: Richards suggests doing Vivaldi’s Gloria for people who don’t want to do the panto (and for those who want to do both). Rehearsals to start next Tuesday.

  2. Paul Harrop: Does he want to do something with us in February 2014? Dee will email him and find out.

  3. 2014: Carmen or Magic Flute

  4. 2015: 40th anniversary of Choral Society

  1. Next meeting: Tuesday 4th June at 18:30 at Whittaker’s.