Committee Meeting 30th April 2013


Present: Richard, Andy, Sue, Maya, Saskia, Nick, Nassai, Mark, Phillip, Lynn, Kirsten, Mala, Dee



1.     Carmen: Harriet would like to sing Carmen, but wants a tall man to sing with her. Maybe Iain? Iain won’t be able to make it to many rehearsals. Andy offers to stand in for him, when Iain is not there.

2.     Panto: - Maya talked to Tricia from Playhouse. Costumes are available for all of the fairy tales. We can borrow them for FREE!

-         Mark checked for availability of panto scripts. All of our possible choices (Cinderella, Robin Hood, Sleeping Beauty) are available. Mark will download them, after assessing one for usability. Then we will decide.

-         Shows originally planned for 7-10 and 15-18  November. Maya and Andy will be away the second weekend. Dee to investigate availability of theatre the weekend before. [Dee: There is a literary festival on during the DAYS on Fri/Sat (or maybe just Sat?—I’m checking…) 01 and 02Nov; so we could do Th/Fr/Sa/Su 31Oct-03Nov and Th/Fr/Sa/Sa/Su 07-10Nov, which would be nine shows.]

-         Who could Waiheke-ise the script? Maybe Alan Knight.

-         Auditions? No decision yet.

3.     Mozart: - Dee will put up laminated posters on the walls at Matiatia and Surfdale. John to ask church, if we can put one up on their sign at the road.

-         Tea after Sunday concert. Bring a plate everyone!

-         Next Tuesday rehearsal with Robert: 6pm start.

4.     Midwinter party/Richards 20th anniversary: We are going to invite past members along with current ones.  Who will write up the invitation to send out?