Planning Committee Meeting 21st April 2013

Present: Richard, Lynn, Maya, Andy, Phil, Sue, Mark, Kirsten, Nick, Saskia, Nassai

Excused: Dee

Goal of the meeting: Decide what we are going to do over the next couple of years.

  1. Do a play after the Mozart.

A discussion concluded, that we would like to do a panto (a panto has got clear cut good and evil parts). We choose a play and add our own songs, satire etc., if not readily available.


Of these, Cinderella was much favoured by the majority, but we will also consider Sleeping Beauty and Robin Hood.

Mark will find out if scripts are available, and Maya will find out if costumes are available.

The panto shows are planned for the beginning of November.

We could do a show at the school during school time or do the press dress there.

  1. A night of carols at the church to conclude the year. This will take place middle of December.

  1. Early next year Paul Harrop, the conductor of the Auckland Youth Orchestra is interested in putting on a concert with us, planned for February 2014; so rehearsals should resume mid January, if possible.

The program might include Andrew Lloyd Weber, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Abba and the like. Nothing too demanding. Possible venues for this: Artworks or maybe outdoors at the Marae.

  1. Then another bigger project.

Suggestions were Carmina (but was rejected as not doable, as we need plenty of men and Pat says V12 can’t join us), Elijah (Mendelssohn), Carmen (Bizet), German Requiem by Brahms. Carmen is favoured, if Harriet would be interested. An orchestra would be nice, but piano, trumpet and strings would suffice.

  1. For 2015, Ruddigore might be an idea. This is a show by Gilbert and Sullivan.

Next meeting on 30.4.13 at 6:30 before rehearsal.