Choral Society Committee Meeting 09.04.13

Present: Sue, Kirsten, Andy, Nick, Nassai, Saskia, Mala, Lynn, Maya, Richard, Dee, Mark

Agenda: To go through Code of Practice for Mozart concert.

  1. Soloists: Amelia, Milla – Sopranos

Iain – Tenor

George – Bass

Accompanist: Robert

Amelia and George need billets for the concert weekend. Amelia for 1 person, George for 2 people.

  1. Budget: we will get a grant

  2. Dress for concert: Black trousers/skirt and white top with coloured tie/scarf

  3. Rehearsals: Tuesdays, as usual

a) The last two Tuesday rehearsals should be at the church, if possible. Dee to ask if church is available then. Could the May 7th rehearsal be early (ie 5 or 5:30pm), so Robert can go home on 8pm boat?

b) Andy to contact Robert and ask if he could accompany us on 7th May rehearsal (Anne is unavailable).

c) Could the soloists come over for May 7th rehearsal as well? Dee to e-mail them with this question.

d) May 11th, Saturday morning 10 o’clock rehearsal with everybody.

e) Richard to organise rehearsals with Soloists in town.

5. Ferry tickets for Soloists for rehearsals: Dee to ask Fullers

6. Ticket prices: 20, 15, 10 dollars

7. Advertising:

a) Poster to be printed within the week (A5)

b) Papers: All three papers for a couple of weeks before concerts. Mark to contact them.

8. Program: Dee will devise one and get it printed.

9. Refreshments: On Sunday BYO and plate for afterwards. Dee will contact Pat to make sure, it is ok to do so.

10. Choir party: Andy to confirm Onetangi Hall

11. Planning meeting: 21.4. from 3 to 5 at Mark’s house

12. We need black folders for the concert. Everybody needs to provide their own.

13. Carmina Burana needs at least 12-15 more men. Will be discussed on planning meeting. If, when, how etc.