Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society 05 March 2013

Present : Richard Maya Andy Philip Kirsten Dee Mark

Apologies : Philip, Lynn

Mozart Masses
Soloists :

Morag McDowell

Has not heard Richard to ring

Amelia Ryan


Girl from Wellington

Available Dee to give details

George Burrell


Ian Tetley

Available from the end of March

Robert Wiremu

Richard to contact once we have a date

Suggested Dates April 12th and 13th

Once we have Morag’s confirmation – Richard (let us know)


Dee - ring Pat Canning, Catholic Church and book (phone 6420 Richard thinks)

Dee - contact other soloists and confirm

Richard – contact Robert Wiremu and confirm

Carmina Burana

Soloists :

Pat Urlich


Ian Tetley

Available from the end of March

Elizabeth Mandena

Dee to contact and book

Harriett Crampton

Will sing Intrutina in Carmina Burana

The above soloists have all expressed interested

Dee - contact all those people and confirm details
Dee – also to ask Iain about pianists and percussion

Note – Dee will you let Elizabeth know we have a local singer who will sing Intrutina

Will need 2 pianos. (Last time Kim and Tama)
Orchestra consists of about 20 instruments and 5 percussion.

Susan – to contact Choral Federation re hire of Carmina Burana scores – look for web site.

Dates for Camina Burana confirmed as

Sunday 03 Nov Press Dress

Weekend 07-10 November
Weekend 14–17 November

Mark to give Philip a copy of the budget he did for the grant application

Philip to check with Kathy and Colin what costs they will incur



Tuesday 19 March
Mark - please put advertisement in the local papers

Other Business

Party for Richard's 20 years in choir

To be held some time in June.
Details to be discussed

Outgoing Committee Party
Soiree 16th March 4pm

Philip's place
7 Putiki Rd Ostend phone 3376

Meeting ended 19:00

Next meeting 18:30 before choir 12 March at Whittakers