Waiheke Choral Society – Minutes


Andy Spence


5 February 2013 18:30


Whittaker’s Musical Museum

Invitees/Attendees (* in attendance, A apologies, # absent, + substitute, c Copied,)



Andy Spence


Mark James


Kirsten Kesting


Maya Spence


Dee Austring


Philip Symonds


Richard Melville


Susan Triggs


Lyn Kemeys


Meeting started

The meeting started late but for good reason

Richard, Philip, Kathy, Colin and Margareta met at 6:00 to discuss the Carmina Burana concert.

Mozart Concert

  • Mass in C Minor and the Credo Mass.


  • Has emailed Rachael and left a voice message for George. Neither has responded yet.

  • Orchestra not contacted yet, as we are waiting until we have some dates from the soloists, however we will contact the local musicians to gauge interest

  • Last meeting we agreed that we need a sub-committee to run this concert and any other concert. This was not actioned so needs to be discussed next meeting

  • Note: in a flurry of activity after the meeting we heard that Rachael could not sing in the concert, however George can.


  • Will contact Sarah, Gillian, Chris and David to see if they are interested in playing with the choir.

  • Note: David Rawsthorne has written and said that regrettably he is not able to take part in either concert.

  • Will work with Richard to contact the soloists and try and coordinate a date that will suit everyone for the concert.


  • will talk to Anne and see if she would be prepared to play the piano for the concert


  • Richard is copying the music for the Credo mass for the choir

  • Orchestral music needs to be discussed





Carmina Burana

  • Kathy, Colin, Philip, Richard and Margarita held a meeting this evening to discuss the Carmina Burana concert.

  • Margarita is the secretary of Kaleidoscope

Phone 372 7678 or 021 02658178

  • Dates for Carmina Burana

The Carmina Burana committee have suggested

Thursday November 07 - Sunday November 10 and

Thursday November 14 – Sunday November 17 with

4 evening concerts and a matinee on the Saturdays

Also a press dress the weekend before on Sunday 3/11

Dee is to check the Artworks calendar and let us know

  • Philip is putting a budget together; Mark will look and see when the deadline dates are for grants.

Dee mentioned that the Creative grants’ meeting is this Friday.

  • Colin and Kathy have lots of ideas for the set which will have a medieval theme. It is likely that the stage will be stripped to allow dancers, choir and orchestra to be on the stage.

  • Kathy will organise the dancers for the show

  • It is likely that Margarita will stage manage the production

  • Choir – Richard says the choirs needs to have minimum of 15 men’s voices for the production to take place.

  • Choir – Andy is to talk to Pat to see if V8 would be interested in joining with us.

  • Choir – the choir will be static. No decisions have been made around costumes as yet

  • Colin is away now until the 27th of February no further meetings will take place until March.



Philip / Mark




Richard feels we need to try and establish more contact with the community and raise awareness and involvement.

Perhaps try and encourage some younger members. How do we action this?



Next meeting February 12th at 6:30 at Whittaker’s


Completed items


  • Rehearsal time was discussed and decided that 7:00pm still a good time for rehearsals.

Tuesday rehearsals only for now.