CHORAL SOCIETY MEETING Minutes from 20 November



Andy Spence, Richard Melville, Dee Austring, Lynn Kemeys, Kirsten Kesting, Maya Spence, Mark James, Philip Symonds, Susan Triggs,


Apologies :         none


Mozart Concert – December 01 and 02

I have left items in the minutes from the last meeting where it seemed like a good idea to remind us what we are up to. Where you have a particular task – your name is in red.

If I got it wrong feel free to correct me.


  • Soloists confirmed are Bass - George Burrell, Tenor - Iain Tetley

  • Rachael is now unable to sing with us which leaves us without the 2 soprano soloists.

  • Richard will approach some of his contacts to find replacement soloists. This may be difficult at this time of year and with short notice and we may have to pay professionals to sing. Expect some emails in the next couple of days to ratify.

  • Andy has asked that we keep this news quiet until the replacements are found and can be announced.



  • Orchestra confirmed 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello and hopefully a flute and oboe

  • Pianist – Robert Wiremu; this is still to be confirmed


Tickets / Advertising

  • Mark will print some tickets for us to sell prior to the concert, and bring them to rehearsal on Sunday

  • Tickets are set at $20 Adults, $15 concession and $10 for children

  •  Concerts are at St Peters Dec 01 and 02 at 2:00 pm

  • Dee’s phone number can be used for prior orders – 372 3456

  • Mark has written and submitted articles for Gulf News and the Marketplace

  • Andy – is to contact Whittaker’s and ask them to circulate the concert program to their mailing list 


  • Mozart C minor mass

  • Items from Messiah

  • Dee – are you making the program? Do you need anything particular for this?

  • Susan to start list of choir members singing in concert



  • Gifts, it was decided that if performers are being paid we should only give them a card and maybe a bottle of wine, still to be decided 

  • None of the performers have asked for payment but we assume everyone except the orchestra will require paying



  • Rehearsals will continue on Tuesdays and Sundays

  • Extra rehearsal, Thursday 29th 7- 9pm.

  • Dee will you send an email to all about rehearsals for Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday?

  • Rehearsal with musicians will be on the Saturday prior to the concert



  • Dee applied for funding on Nov 1 to be told today that she needed to fill in a form online. This has been done.

  • Total tickets needed - 11 return tickets x 2. Dee will amend the application to reflect this number. Hopefully we will hear before the concert if Fullers will subsidise any of the transport costs

  • If any of the performers would like to stay on the Island and be billeted this can be arranged at short notice



  • Ask for a list of names of musicians for the program

  • Find and confirm 2 soprano soloists

  • Ask Iain to perform a couple of Messiah solos

  • Contact and confirm pianist and confirm his fee

  • Discuss with Iain and recommend fee for soloists


Christmas Party

  • This will be on Tuesday December 18th

  • Anyone who can volunteer to decorate the hall on Sunday 16th let Maya know

  • Onetangi Hall, bring a plate and a bottle

  • Entertainment, a great time to share with friends, so start practising those skits and songs.

  • Andy – to contact Onetangi Hall secretary and confirm hall is fee on that date



Cheers Susan