Waiheke Island Choral Society

Committee Meeting Minutes 30 October 2012


·         Andy Spence, Richard Melville, Maya Spence, Mark James, Dee Austring, Susan Triggs, Philip Symonds


Apologies :        

·         Lynn Kemeys, Kirsten Kesting


Mozart Concert


·         Soloists confirmed are Bass - George Burrell, Tenor - Iain Tetley, Soprano – Rachel Alexander

·         Second soprano still needs to be confirmed



·         Orchestra confirmed 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello and hopefully a couple of wood wind

·         Pianist – Robert Wiremu (need confirmation)



·         Tickets are set at $20 Adults, $15 concession and $10 for children

·         Concerts are at St Peters Dec 01 and 02 at 2:00 pm

·         Mark will printing the tickets

·         Dee is happy for her phone number to be used and to take prior orders – 372 3456



·         Mozart C minor mass

·         Items from Messiah, yet to be decided – We Like Sheep, Amen, Hallelujah Chorus

·         Mark to write an article for Gulf News and Marketplace

·         Susan to start list of choir members singing in concert



·         Gifts, it was decided that if performers are being paid we should only give them a card and maybe a bottle of wine, still to be decided

·         None of the performers have asked for payment but we assume everyone except the orchestra will require paying



·         Rehearsals will continue on Tuesdays and Sundays

·         In the last week there will be an extra rehearsal on the Friday and possibly one in town in the week for the musicians and soloists, choir to attend if possible



·         Dee to ask Fullers for 12 return tickets for 2 performances and 2 rehearsals = 48 tickets

·         If performers would like to stay on the Island and be billeted this can be arranged at short notice



·         Contact Gillian and give her the music

·         Contact performers from St Matthews and see if we can lock in a couple of woodwind players

·         Ask for a list of names of players so that we can start preparing a program

·         Contact Rachael and see if we can confirm someone to sing the second Soprano

·         Ask Iain to perform a couple of Messiah solos

·         Contact and confirm pianist and confirm his fee

·         Discuss with Iain and recommend fee for soloists

·         Decide Messiah songs and find music

·         Set dates for rehearsals in week prior to concert, so we can let choir and performers know in advance


Next meeting

·         Set date, place and format for Xmas party.

·         This will be on a Tuesday



·         Richard expressed concern over the long term goals and viability of the Choral Society.  This will be added as an agenda item for discussion after the Mozart concert.