Waiheke Choral Society Committee Meeting on 14.08 12


Present: Andy, Richard, Maya, Dee, Lynn, Kirsten, Mark


1.     Mozart:

·        Community grants: Mark will apply before 30.08.12 for grants to pay for travel and pay for the musicians (approx. 20-25 people)

·        Concert dates: 1 & 2 Dec 12

·        Musicians from Auckland Youth Orchestra. Sue will write a letter to ask, if they are available and willing. Richard will provide some advice with this. They have got a website, for contacts. And they like outside engagements as fundraisers.

·        Plan B: University Orchestra, conductor is Uwe Grodd

·        Plus David and Gillian (Richard is going to ask them)

·        Extra rehearsals: Sundays in October and November, 11-1 o’clock at Whitakers. And evening rehearsals likely every day during last week before concerts.

·        Venue: St. Peter’s (Richard will ask)

·        Dee will ask Fullers to support us with transport

·        Tickets: 20,- adults. 15,- concession

·         Music for orchestra: Susan to ask Auckland Choral Society for orchestra scores

2.     Finances:

·        Approval for flowers for Christine Bearden 16.30$

·        Approval for Copy Expresso 707$

·        Approval for Bernard for travel expenses to take costumes back to Auckland 103$