Minutes of meeting held Sunday 19thFeb. 2012 at 2.00pm The Lazy Lounge.

Present: Richard, Mark, Dee, Janet, Susan and Marion.


Chorus work is coming along well.

The dates for performances at Artworks, previously set for July, give an extremely long rehearsal time and leave too short a time for rehearsals for the end of year programme.

It was suggested that as Art works theatre is unavailable in May and June, we look at touring and performing in a number of venues.

This could be done with minimal costume changes and very simple staging.

Marion to contact Palm Beach Hall to find out availability.

Mark to contact Rocky Bay.

Dee to contact Onetangi.

Suggested dates, June1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th ending at Artworks 15th, 16th June.

Mark to contact Alan Knight re Directing.

Suggested Cast.

Mikado… Warwick.

Pooh Bah… Philip

Koko…… Andy

Katisha… .Eilleen. Understudy …Norah

Nanky Pooh… Alan? Tim? .Dee to contact High School for a young man?

Yum Yum… .Dee to contact Sarah at High School.

Pish Tush… .Andrew …possible Nanky Pooh?

3 Little maids still to be found.

With a simple staging we can continue to rehearse at Whittaker’s.

Meeting closed at 3.00pm

Grateful thanks to Richard for his generous provision of coffee and cake