Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 22nd Nov. 2011 at St. Peter’s

The meeting commenced at 6.00pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Richard, Sue, Janet, Mark and Marion

Apologies: Denny

Correspondence: Andy has received a catalogue from Hal and Leonard with information about the shows for which they hold the rights.

Matters arising from Minutes: Andy and Richard visited the High School Hall which seats 450 children. This means it would easily seat an audience of 300 adults.

The stage is similar in size to Artworks with more wings; there are two green rooms, plus lighting and sound equipment.

Rehearsals over the long period needed would not be practical at the school.

Concert: Sat 10th Dec 2.30pm and Sunday 11th Dec at 7.00pm at St Peter’s.

Bach, Schubert, Mozart and Britten, with a break before a programme of carols

Entry by paper Koha….ask Dee for the box.

Candles from Fiddler…Marion to deliver these.

Janet to organise adverts next week $50-$100 in local papers, also in What’s on. Arrange for an article, writer to contact Richard for details.

Next Year:

Mark supplied costs of rights for listed shows

Show Boat:  $4460

Joseph:  $4460

Guys & Dolls:  $3800

Wizard of Oz:  $2530

Fat Lady Sings:  $1100

Mikado, a panto, Carmina Burana, or Carmen would be free.

The others are either unavailable next year or else have had no response from their rights owners.

Mikado was chosen for next year, after much discussion.

Christmas party:

Tuesday 20th Dec..at 6.30pm

Andy to confirm that Onetangi hall is available, also see if decorations can be started on the Sunday at 3.30pm…Janet, Sue and Maya would like help with this.

Help also needed on Tuesday to set up, before 6.30pm

BYO, plus plate of dinner food, and a gift for the sack not exceeding $5.

We do not have the usual contact for the ham…Dee to send out to members to see if someone can acquire a ham and cook it(cost will be reimbursed)

Although unable to help with hall hire etc. Jeanne will be available for advice, and will do a couple of trays of veges, as well as loan some of her lovely decorations Thank you Jeanne.

Andy to be Santa.

Budget for juice, crisps and nuts etc.

Meeting closed at 7.00pm