Minutes of meeting held Sunday 23 Oct 2011 at The Spence’s

The meeting commenced at 2.00pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Richard, Lyn, Janet., Mark and Marion

In addition Alex accepted the invitation, which had been extended to all choir members to join the meeting.

Apologies: Susan.

Correspondence: No correspondence.

Minutes: Maya has managed to resource some caps and hats to replace the lost Russian hats


Profit from Fiddler if there are no further costs. $1,300.00

Funding applied for, for the Christmas Concert has been declined

Next years production…options and feasibility


Andy had prepared a list of every show ever performed anywhere, (thanks Andy) which the team perused carefully, before brainstorming a short list selection.

In making the selection it was paramount that

a) the rights should not be expensive

b) it be popular and it would draw an audience

c) it should include chorus numbers for men and women

14 shows were shortlisted and judged for their popularity, costs, possible problems and benefits, and the list was handed to everyone present

Andy to research the costs of rights for those on the shortlist that looked feasible for next year.

The meeting closed at 4.00pm

Many hanks to Andy and Maya for their hospitality