PRESENT: Andy Spence, Richard Melville, Maya Spence, Susan Triggs, Lyn Kemeys, Dee Austring, Linda Savage, Seth Tetley-Jones, Mark James, Denny Reid, Janet Mayes

APOLOGY: Marion Knight

Financial matters – Mark

Outgoing expenses:

Auckland Music Theatre – Deposit for costumes and props


Artworks – Venue hire for rehearsals


MORRA – Venue hire for rehearsals


Web domain registration


Gulf News – ad


Fairfax Media – ad in Marketplace


Cheryl Lyall – hire of black light


Bernard Rhodes – food for rehearsals


Maya Spence – props, costumes, makeup


Motion: That the expenses as presented be accepted Mark/Susan

Tickets: Susan asked that members make an effort to sell tickets. Some sales were going well but more effort was now required, particularly for the first weekend.

Seth agreed to organise some of the younger cast members in costume to hold a stall to sell tickets at the Ostend Market on Saturday.

Advertisements: Linda outlined the position so far and said that more expenses would be incurred. The estimated total was $1,000 for advertising and this would not include printing of posters as these were done in lieu of payment for Copy Shop’s advertisement in the programme.

Advertisements would be alternated between the newspapers until the last weekend.

Suggestions were offered as to who should do the banner for outside the Artworks complex.

Report on Make-up Workshop: Maya said that this had gone well and said that Lyn Kemeys, Mala Somerson, Adrienne Gudex, Jo Redding and herself would be doing the makeup for the show. Janet would help with the wigs.

Sponsorship: Dee said that $600 had been received in programme ad sales.

Miscellaneous items:

It was suggested that we ask Philip to do the walk on part of the Priest in the opening scene.

Andy said that the music was going well and the orchestra was happy.

The black lights were organised, as well as the dry ice for the scene with Fruma Sarah.

It was agreed that the women would wear their plain shawls from the scene where Hodel departs on the train as this was now winter. The winter coats and crocheted scarves and gloves were for the last departure scene only.

Tristran would be at Monday’s rehearsal and the focus would be on the dream scene to the end of the first act. The pub scene, Natasha’s dance and Matchmaker.

More detailed time required for the last scene – probably Wednesday.

There was discussion about which number to do for the curtain call – to be rehearsed on Wednesday with Iain. It was agreed that Maya would draft a version of “L’Chaim” for consideration.

Linda asked that there be prompts for the curtain?

Mark reminded the group that sound effects for the end of the first act were still needed.

There was also a reminder of the correct costumes in the Shabbahtt scene. Women to wear wigs and lace over; for the men Jamulka and coat.

Reminders to be given out about responsibility for props. Linda asked for clarification of what would be on the walls, and it was decided that the barn would have the horse harness – Stephan to hang it up. There should also be a mirror in the Tailor’s shop. The props table would be marked up for the positions of the props.

Andy was asked to give the cast feedback on the filming, and it was noted that emphasis should be made on keeping the Green Room quiet from now on. Those not on stage should act as audience during rehearsals from now on.

There was discussion about the position of the drinks table – Bernard and Yachiyo to be in charge of this. On Monday Denny and Seth to move the chairs out of the corridor to make room for the refreshment table. Three urns were required which meant we have to find another urn for the preparation of the dry ice. Mark offered to check out TradeMe.

There was discussion about improvements to the blocking for ‘Do you love me’.

Everyone agreed that Colin had done a very good job with the sets.

The meeting closed at 5.15pm