Minutes of meeting held Sunday 5th June 2011 at Art Works Theatre.

The meeting commenced at 3.50pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Janet, Richard Seth, Mark,Zac, Tim, Chris, Lyn and Marion

Apologies: Susan, Dee.

Minutes of the previous meeting 8th May were taken as read.

Matters Arising: Mark will be arranging the transfer of money as agreed last meeting, in order to meet upcoming costs.

Correspondence: No correspondence.

Finance: Early delivery of scores for orchestra, $125 AU



6 weeks to go.


16 orchestral scores are on the way.

Chris reported that he is getting the orchestra together.

Chris to contact Roddy for percussion.

Jack has a precious balalaika which he is prepared to loan…Chris is keen to play this.

Orchestra to play at rehearsals as soon as possible.

Orchestra to be positioned in the auditorium , just below the stage in the big corner on the right, by the door, positioning the conductor so that Ian can be seen by those on stage as well as the players.

Chris to contact Maya with numbers for costumes.


to be at 7.00pm Fri 29th, Sat 30th July


Fri 5th, Sat 6th Aug


and at 1.00pm

Sat 30th, Sun 31 July


Sat 6th, Sun 7th Aug

With possible extension the following weekend, Fri 12th, Sat 13th Aug

Press performance the previous week, 22nd July( with complimentary tickets)


Adults $20, Concession and Child $15, Family( 2x2) $50

Dawn will take bookings on 372 7724

We expect to have online booking set up with facilities to check on who has paid.

Cash and EFTPOS sales will be available from Sergio who has agreed to sell tickets from the café in the theatre.(Choral Society will pay the theatre 10%)

It was decided to revert to having tickets this year. Tim will arrange these.

check with Copy Express the cost of 50? tickets per performance against the usual 120 tickets.

Each performance will have a different colour ticket (check that similar colourings are planned for performances well apart) with the day,date, time, and choice of prices clearly identified.

Tim to be sent a scan of the cover of the Fiddler film, by Janet.

It was agreed that complimentary tickets be issued to Sahara and Sandra


Andy to check the copyrights for advertising.

Andy to consult with Colin about the posters.

Dee to arrange with Fullers

Janet to advise “What’s On”

Zac to arrange interview with Gulf news, with photos possible, now that the costumes are coming together.

Seth to prepare a written advert/blurb setting out times, dates and place with details of costs and available booking venues.

Seth to arrange with younger members of the cast to advertise / sell at the Saturday Market. Andy has a table and umbrella available.


Dee to set this up.


Fees to be collected from those who have joined us just for “Fiddler”

Mark will collect these. $15 adult , $10 child.

Mid Year Concert:

A selection, including music by Handel, Bach and Vivaldi is currently being prepared by the Choral Society for performance at the end of August. , the weekend of 20th -21st or 27th -28th .

Meeting closed at 4.40pm