Minutes of meeting held Sunday 8th May 2011 at Artworks Theatre

The meeting commenced at 2.50pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Janet, Seth, Mark, Lyn, Susan, Denny

Apologies: Dee, Marion, Richard

Financial Matters:

1. Mark explained that there was a cash-flow problem in that bills were already coming in for the production of Fiddler and we had no income until tickets went on sale. He asked for authorisation to arrange a transfer from the old “building” fund to our current account to cover the upfront expenses. This would necessitate two signatories to sign a letter to the bank.

That Mark be authorised to arrange a transfer of $3,000 from the building account to the current account.


2. Mark was concerned that we did not have electronic access to the bank accounts to even check the balances. He said that this had proved a hindrance recently when we had to wait for the bank statement to find out who had paid for their programme advertisements before these could be followed up.

That Mark be authorised to arrange with the bank for read only access to our bank accounts via electronic banking.



Maya reported that for the props and costumes we had obtained a special deal and they would cost us only $1,000 instead of the normal rate of $1500 + GST. Maya suggested that we should show our appreciation for all the help given as well as this discount. This was agreed.

Andy said that it was imperative to find a good stage manager for the production as there were many props involved. He also asked for the company to be emailed with a list of the props required as it was possible many could be sourced by the cast themselves (eg. China

for smashing on stage.)

He informed the committee that Chris had backed out and that Nicholas Heren will take over Avram instead.

Maya gave warning that Friday workshops to prepare the costumes and props for Fiddler would begin soon.

Andy expressed thanks to Susan for keeping tracks of everything.

It was agreed that an email be sent to the cast allocating numbers to each person to be noted on their play scripts in pencil so that these could be traced if necessary.


Andy asked about the proceeds from Messiah and what was to happen to the money for Christchurch. Mark said that this amounted to approximately $250 and he would arrange transfer to the church.

The Messiah concert figures are as follows:

Ticket sales: $1450.00
Sponsorship/programme ads:  $280.00
Total income:  $1730.00

Honoraria:  $1100.00
Advertising:  $107.40
Total expenses:  $1207.40

Net profit:  $522.60

Half profit (for Christchurch):  $261.30

The meeting closed at 3.10 pm.