Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 5th April 2011 at Whittakers.

The meeting commenced at 7.10 pm

PRESENT: Andy, Richard, Janet, Maya, Denny, Seth, Susan, Mark

APOLOGIES: Marion, Lyn


Richard reported on his difficulties with obtaining soloists for the upcoming performance of Messiah and said that it was now impossible to do the first weekend. He therefore suggested that there should be just one performance, on Saturday 16th April at 7pm in St Peter’s Church. He had been able to get Kim Naden, piano; Ella Smith and Elizabeth Mandeno, Sopranos; and was waiting for confirmation from Dmitry Rusakov, Tenor. Harriet Crampton and Pat Urlich completed the line-up of soloists

It was agreed that Mark prepare a programme for sale at the door (in lieu of ticket) – Dee will make some calls to arrange sponsorship for the programme to help with the cost.

Janet will put an advertisement in Gulf News and Marketplace for next week, and will complete posters to be emailed to choir for distribution.


Andy reported that he proposed to organise a schedule for Iain – who will be involved in the sessions marked ‘song and dance’. Colin was organised for doing the scenery. We had lost the ‘Fiddler’ and were now looking for another violinist. Otherwise rehearsals were on track.

The meeting closed at 7.20pm.