Minutes of meeting held Sunday 16th Jan. 2011 at Spence Residence.

The meeting commenced at 3.20pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Janet, Dee, Richard, Mark, Lyn and Marion

Apologies: Seth, Jeanne.

Minutes of the previous meeting 12th Nov. were taken as read.

Matters Arising: High School hall possible venue for Messiah, still to be verified. Dee to do this. (Withdrawn for the present, later in the meeting.)

Correspondence: No correspondence.

Finance : Balance in cheque acc. $8,367.94

Reserve acc. $9,796.34

Total profit this year $493.00

Loss on Forum $2, 441.00

Loss on Mozart $595.00

Accounts: $1,000.00 honoraria for Mozart.

$230.00 rent to Whittaker’s

$103.50 2nd advert in Market Place.

The annual accounts are with the auditor.

AGM: To be held at 7.00pm Tues. 8th March.

Messiah: Historical note: The Messiah was first performed on 13th April 1741, in Dublin as an Easter work.

Although we were looking to perform at the High School, so that we can accommodate a larger, paying audience, it has been noted that St Peter’s is to have extensive building work done, and may need to raise funds.

Marion to write to the Parish Council, to see if they would be interested in arranging to share the proceeds from the ticket sales if a charge of $20 is made for entry.

Can the Church can arrange sponsorship.

Check seating capacity.

Arrange 3 performances

DATE: Sat. 9th April, Sat. 16th April, Sun 17th April

SOLOISTS. Pat and Harriet are available.

Dee to ask Ian for suggestions for a tenor as he is unavailable for some performances.

Marion to write to Ella to invite her to sing together with Mary.

Richard to approach Robert for accompaniment.

COSTS .Dee will contact Fuller’s for help with ferry fares.

ADVERTISING. To be in place by 5th March

Poster to every Church.

Ferries, Market Place.

Janet to do a poster, talk to Sheena and Dee for help with appropriate computer programmes.

Programmes….to serve as tickets. 3 different colour programmes, one for each performance.

Mark to arrange an article in next weeks Gulf News announcing our intentions, and giving an invitation to other choirs join us and to come to our first rehearsal at 7pm Tuesday 1st Feb.

Marion to write to Auckland Choral Society to find out if they have Vocal Scores of Messiah.

We expect to include some of part 1, and most of part 2 and 3.


The deposit has been sent

We are committed to perform late July early Aug. Any change here will be very costly.

Performance dates: 29th, 30th, 31st July. 5th, 6th, 7th Aug.

Auditions to be held 7.00pm Wed 16th Feb. at Artworks Theatre.

Mark to place advert including Andy as contact for expressions of interest.

Rehearsals: to commence after Easter.

FIRST REHEARSAL. Tuesday 26th April 7.00pm at Whittaker’s

Sun. 12.30-3.30pm

Mon. & Tues. 7.00pm

Prior to this, principles will be expected to be working with Andy.

22nd July .Full dress rehearsal for the press

Music. Ann Wilman has offered to help.

Andy to speak to Chris Orange and High School music teacher.

Costs: Mark to draw up a budget.

Scenery: Colin to be approached

Scripts: Needed promptly for Andy. Try the library.

Dee to send Andy the information on the story.

All materials need for after Easter.

Full attendance at all rehearsals must be expected.

Understudies required for all major roles and children’s parts.

Production co-ordinator. Dee

Sponsorship. Dee

Stage manager. Zac or Jenny to be asked.

CHRISTMAS: Proposed programme. Benjamin Brittan “Festival of Carols, and “St Nicolas Cantata” or a Bach Cantata.

Rehearsals September – December

Performances 2nd, 3rd, 4th December

Boy Soprano needed as well as children’s choir for the St. Nicolas Cantata.

Meeting closed at 4.50pm

Thanks to Andy and Maya for their hospitality.


Programme for 2011

AGM 7.00pm Tues. 8th March, at Whittakers


First rehearsal. 7pm Tuesday 1st Feb, at Whittakers

Performance dates. Sat. 9th April, Sat. 16th April, Sun 17th April

Venue : To be arranged.


Auditions . 7.00pm Wed 16th Feb. at Artworks Theatre.

First rehearsal. 7.00pm Tuesday 26th April at Whittakers

Further rehearsals. 12.30-3.30pm.Sunday.

7.00pm Monday. & Tuesday

Full dress rehearsal for the press Friday 22nd July .

Performance dates: 29th, 30th, 31st July. 5th, 6th, 7th Aug.


Benjamin Brittain “Festival of Carols, and “St Nicolas Cantata” or a Bach Cantata.

Rehearsals September – November

Performances 2nd, 3rd, 4th December