Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 2nd Nov. 2010 at Spence Residence.

The meeting commenced at 6.30pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Jeanne, Janet, Dee, Richard, Mark, Lyn and Marion

Apologies: Seth

Minutes of the previous meeting Oct 19th were taken as read, there were no matters arising.

Forum :

The costumes have been returned (in some cases in better condition than received)

The “no tickets” worked well, although some felt they were happier with a paper ticket.

Suggest looking into “pay pal” or “pay go” or open a special acc for on line payment in future.


Postage for return of material to Hal Leonard $98.50

Photos for cast $87.50

Whangarei Costume Hire, gift of wine $30.00

Party wine $41.94

This was something a bit different…a modern (20th century) musical / comedy

We produced a good enjoyable funny show.

The cat walk proved to be effective, bringing the play out into the audience.

It also led to the actors feeling closer to the audience, and even when the numbers were low, the auditorium appeared well filled.

The recording of the music was good and appreciated (thanks to Mike)

The received sponsorship was excellent this time.


We lost about $3,000 (final accounts still to be received and can be expected now Mark is back. Thanks to Dee for standing by so ably.)

The show was unknown to many and needed more hype and information to pull in the audience.

“I didn’t realise it was going to be so funny”, was a comment received often, confirming that we need to ensure we give the community good clear information about future shows

Reviews need to be in the local papers well before we actually open, therefore we need to be ready for journalists to attend at least two weeks prior to opening night.

In future we should advertise our shows as community fundraisers, with information of our past donations to Whittaker’s, Artworks Theatre etc.

Shows including children will make money.


We need to

a) Decide on a show

b) Call for auditions

c) Make sure we have a cast

d) Go for it

If we do not get the cast, call it quits and look to do something else.

We need to be tighter in our expectations of commitment from all cast members…if commitment is not possible, do not accept a part.

Waiheke choral Society is almost two entities with some folk only coming to do the show.

Aim to do two choral items and one show each year.

Aim to do a recruitment drive for the choir, with a possible gentle audition to get all into the best place for their voice level.

A regular article once a month in the local paper with information and promotion could be a way of keeping us in the community thought.


The fliers and posters are ready for choir members to use to advertise the performance at St Peters on Friday 26th Nov.

Robert Wiremu will play.

Louise Malloy may sing the soprano soloist part.

Christmas Party:

Hall, Ham and Santa Claus are booked.

Janet and Marion will help Jeanne with the decorations.

Janet has a tree.

Andy will help Jeanne to get the decorations out on Monday.

Marion to be asked to play for our sing a long.

Next Year:

Suggest …. Christmas concert.

Easter “Messiah” with the popular pieces. Sat 16th l and Sun 17th April, this

gives us 11 weeks if we start early new year.

South Pacific?

To be discussed at

Next Meeting….. on Sunday 12th Dec at Mark James, 11, McMillan Road, Rocky Bay.

NOTE: We need to apply for a grant… creative community?

Many thanks to Andy and Maya for their generous hospitality at this meeting.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm