Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 14th Sept. 2010 at Whittakers.

The meeting commenced at 6.30pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Jeanne, Janet, Dee, Richard and Marion

Apologies: Mark and Seth

Minutes of the previous meeting Aug 23 were taken as read.

Finance: $4781.81 in cheque acc.
$9,771.81 in the Business acc.
Accounts: Reimburse Marion for costume bits. $43.20
.. .. Maya ... .. .. $70.29
.. .. .. .. make up $17.70
.. .. .. .. props $ 25.00
.. .. Dee $10.00
Copy Esspresso, posters $90.00
Market Place 2 ads $202.20
Gulf News 3 ads $344.25
Theatre Hire $2705.00
    Janet/ Richard

Andy to advise Dee of NZ dollar value of money paid to Hal and Leonard


Sincere thanks to Dee for all the work she put in preparing the programme and obtaining a successful number of sponsors.

There has been no write up in the local papers. Market Place should have one this week, but no one from Gulf News has attended. Eileen Evans to be asked to do this.

Due to the poor audience numbers we must continue to run extra performances next week. It was decided run further performances Fri 24th and Sat 25th at 8.00pm and Sat 2.00pm

Advertising to be done for these dates but not to be advertised in any way until Sunday

Louise is not available for these extra times…Michael to be asked to remove her music.

Lyn is not available to help with make up. Maya to ask Jules to help.

End of Season Party. Bring a plate/ bottle.

Dee to ask Dale to have the bar open

Following request from a member the committee decided to offer a family ticket for 1 adult and 4 children for $50 for a family in need, as long as there is room.

Points for future: Free tickets to be offered and clearly indicated that they are for use on the first two nights only.

Suggest in future we start with Fri night and two Sat performances, building to 5 performances the 2nd week?

MOZART: Dee has enquired cost of travel with Sealink, they are unable to offer us reductions at this time.

Therefore Richard to arrange hire of ‘bus to Remuera from Downtown.

We will travel with Fullers. Most choir members will travel Gold Card, but we need to check how many paying travellers we will have and arrange to subsidise these.

The koha from the performances will help towards travel costs.

Robert Wiremu still to be contacted by Richard.

Budget Costs so far.
Costumes $1,000 $932.78
Artworks Theatre $2,000 $2,705.00
Paint / set $500
Tickets advert and programmes $600 $ 636.45
Tea and coffee $200
Richards tickets $400
Make up $200 $236.24
Presentations $200
Lighting $500
Props $500 $110.98
Rights (paid) $5,000 $5,000.00
Total $12,700

Budget additions
Recording $200
Extension of hire of scripts $245
     ..         ..    ..  ..       .. $935

Meeting closed at 7.00pm


Next Meeting : To be arranged