Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 10th Aug. 2010 at Whittakers.

The meeting commenced at 9.10pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Jeanne, Janet, Dee Lyn and Marion

Apologies: Mark, Seth and Richard.

Minutes of the previous meeting July 27th were taken as read.

Matters arising:.Richard still to go to ASB to verify his position as signatory.

Paperwork ready to for the removal of Jack Watson‘s name as

signatory. Andy will action.

No news yet re White House application

Correspondence: None

Accounts: $1000 for extended rights for Forum. Andy will ring to see if we can have this

reduced. Payment to be reviewed next meeting

Finance: $6,098.30

$9,765.59 in the bank


Thurs 8th, Fri 9th, Sat 10th x2 .Sun 11th and Thurs 15th, Fri 16 th, Sat 17th x2

Matinees will be at 2.00pm and evening performances at 8.00pm

Bookings now available Ph 372 100

Children under 16yrs $15

Senior and student over 16 yrs $20

Adult $25

Cast and all choir members to be given details and encouraged to start selling bookings.

Advertising. Colin will place ads for 3 weeks in both papers starting 2 weeks before

opening. This will cost $800, ie over budget by $200

The posters are being prepared.

Music: Mike is sorting out the electronic music.

Possible use of some CD

Richard is talking toAnn Wilman , who is available to play the piano for the

Show. She needs to know by Thursday before she goes away., if she is to be


Richard is talking to Jan / Domina.

Tim is taking Senex (understudy)seriously while Grant is away. It was

suggested that he be given the opportunity to play one performance after all

his work.

Budget Costs so far.
Costumes $1,000 $819.29
Artworks Theatre $2,000
Paint / set $500
Tickets advert and programmes $600
Tea and coffee $200
Richards tickets $400
Make up $200 $218.54
Presentations $200
Lighting $500
Props $500 $85.98
Rights (paid) $5,000 $5,000.00
Total $12,700

Budget additions
Recording $200
Extension of hire of scripts $245

Meeting closed at 9.30pm


Next Meeting : Tuesday 24th Aug at 8.45pm at Whitaker’s after Mozart