Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 6th July 2010 at Whittakers.

The meeting commenced at 7.0010pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Seth, Janet, Richard, Dee and Marion

Apologies: Mark, (Marion apologised for/to Jeanne having failed to notify her.)

Minutes of the previous meeting June 15th were taken as read.

Matters arising:. The shields have been found.

Seth to ensure that someone other than Dee attends to the vacuuming of the theatre.

Prompt needed. Andy to put out a request.

Tables are available from Onetangi, but meanwhile the theatre is looking to purchase folding tables which may be here before we open. These are the same size as those from Onetangi.


Inwards: Ella Smith thanking the Society for the donation towards the cost of her

choir trip overseas.


Carols by candlelight: Richard to contact Janesse to advise choice of carols.

Mozart Masses: Performance probably mid October

Practice disc does not include the new pieces we are presently learning..

Creative Community funding submission due. Richard will do this.

Signatory: We need to update the signatories for the cheque account. Andy Spence and

Richard Melville to be added to the bank signatories.

Janet/ Jeanne

Thanks to Jeanne for moving this forward by obtaining the necessary information.



Forum will be presented September—

Thurs 8th, Fri 9th, Sat 10th x2 .Sun 11th and Thurs 15th, Fri 16 th, Sat 17th x2

Matinees will be at 2.00pm and evening performances at 8.00pm

This will incur a further cost for hire of the scripts to the holders of the rights.

Music recording being arranged by Richard will incur costs.

Prompt needed. Choir to be asked if anyone can do this.

Dee offered to acquire a banner for publicity.

Cabaret style to be advertised in the papers.

There was some discussion re having a set price for the tables to include refreshments.

Budget Costs so far.
Costumes $1,000 $466.13
Artworks Theatre $2,000
Paint / set $500
Tickets advert and programmes $600
Tea and coffee $200
Richards tickets $400
Make up $200 $161.38
Presentations $200
Lighting $500
Props $500
Rights (paid) $5,000 $5,000.00
Total $12,700

Budget additions
Recording $200
Extension of hire of scripts $245

Ticket costings

$25 adult

$20 senior

$15 child

Meeting closed at 7.30pm


Next Meeting to be held at Whittakers, Tues 20th July at 7.00pm