Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 15th June 2010 at Whittakers.

The meeting commenced at 9.10pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Jeanne, Janet, Richard, Dee and Marion

Apologies: Mark, Seth.

Minutes of the previous meeting May 25th were taken as read.

Matters arising:. There were no matters arising.


Inwards: Ella Smith request for financial help towards proposed music tour.

Outwards: Request for use of kitchen at Artworks during rehearsals.

Accounts:Donation to Ella towards costs $200.00
Reimburse Maya for Costumes hire (inc $150 bond $466.13)
and Make up $161. 38 )$627.51


Opening night has been postponed.

The theatre is fully booked so Forum will be presented September—

Thurs 8th, Fri 9th, Sat 10th x2 .Sun 11th and Thurs 15th, Fri 16 th, Sat 17th x2

Matinees will be at 2.00pm and evening performances at 8.00pm

We have permission to use the kitchen during rehearsals, provided we have one nominated person responsible. Dee is the nominated person.

Rehearsal Schedule. Dee to arrange for Morra Hall when Theatre is not available.

Music: Ann Wilman available to play the piano.

Real entertainment group –Sally Ann Brown to provide orchestral music. There may be some expenses available.

Richard will be the Conductor.

Tables: Jeanne to confirm that the tables from Onetangi will be available for the Sept dates.

Prompt needed. Choir to be asked if anyone can do this.

Set: There is space for Colin to work on the set now that the show is to be in Sept.

Missing: Maya reported that one of the shields has disappeared from the store room.

Cleaning: Dee is not to be left to do the vaccuming after every rehearsal. Volunteers from cast are essential for this chore.

Rights (paid)
Budget Costs so far.
Costumes $1,000 $466.13
Artworks Theatre $2,000
Paint / set $500
Tickets advert and programmes $600
Tea and coffee $200
Richards tickets $400
Make up $200 $161.38
Presentations $200
Lighting $500
Props $500
$5,000 $5,000.00
Total $12,700
Budget additions
Recording $200
Extension of hire of scripts $245

Ticket costings

$25 adult

$20 senior

$15 child

Meeting closed at 9.35pm


Next Meeting to be arranged.