Waiheke Choral Society meeting May 25th 2010

Meeting called to discuss Forum business.

Meeting opened at 6.40pm

Present. Andy, Maya, Richard, Dee, Janet, Jeanne, Judy and Seth

Apologies. Marion

Minutes were taken as read.

Matters arising. Seth spoke to Howard re sound. Backing tracks still to do.

Finance. Outward . Cheques for Whittakers 219.38 and for Charities commission $50.00

M. Janet / S. Maya P.U.

Business for Forum

There is some unease about the progress of the show. It was felt that there was not enough commitment from some members of the cast, and there is only four weeks to opening night. A discussion followed on the feasibility of being ready with a good show. If a postponement is envisaged the theatre will not be available until Aug 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and Set 9th and 10th. More rehearsals are needed to get it together, so the cast will be asked to commit to extra rehearsals Judy will look into a backing tape. It was discussed having Robert do a tape or possibly playing live at shows.

A decision to be made by Thursday may 27th whether to go ahead with the show. The costumes have arrived

Meeting closed at 7.15pm