Minutes of meeting held Tuesday 4th May 2010 at Whittakers.

The meeting commenced at 6.10pm

Present: Andy, Maya, Jeanne, Janet, Seth and Marion

Apologies: Mark, Richard

Minutes of the previous meeting April 11th were read.

Matters arising. The matter of the awkward lock at Whittakers still to be addressed.

Jeanne reported that the tables from Onetangi are available except for one Saturday.

Correspondence: from Auckland City Council Libraries seeking confirmation of correct contact information for web site. Returned as correct.

IAML(NZ) Conference & AGM report, Nov 2009

Accounts: Hal & Leonard. One month extension of scripts etc. $245 Jeanne / Andy.

MOZART: Practice CD’s have been distributed. Thanks to Andy for the work done here.

All progressing satisfactorily.


Sound: Seth reported that we need the recordings, before technicians can set up the system. He has contacted several reliable sound people.

Recordings: Richard confirmed that Robert Wiremu is recording practice music, $200.

Youth orchestra still to be confirmed

Make up:Confirmed Janet will help with wigs

Dressers for cast: Jeannne M still to contact Jan Skelton.

Lighting: Alan Burrows will provide a lighting plan. Howard will be delighted to do the lighting.

Advertising and Publicity; Mark would like photos in costume, for publicity.

Staging and Stage Manager: Andy is working on this.

Seating: Jeanne has checked with Onetangi Rate Payers Ass. Tables are available except one Saturday. To avoid much to-ing and fro-ing Jeanne was asked to check if WCS could hire tables for the function at Onetangi for the one night.

Table cloths needed for 10 round tables, 102 cms in diameter. Janet will find these.

Cleaning theatre: Seth has two volunteers so far following his e.mail request.

Costumes: Maya ,Helen and Lyn. Richard has supplied list of possible hire places. Lyn will contact Titirangi and Dolphin theatres. Carla no longer available due to other commitments.

Dancers: Otherworld have expressed interest. Andy to follow up.

Lycus: Richard to follow up possible casting.

Tickets and Posters: Colin to be asked to design and arrange printing

Programmes; Andy to approach Janesse Reeves to contact sponsors. Colin has the list

Glasses; Dee to hire glasses from Waiheke wines.


Costumes $1,000
Artworks Theatre $2,000
Paint / set $500
Tickets advert and programmes $600
Tea and coffee $200
Richards tickets $400
Make up $200
Presentations $200
Lighting $500
Props $500
Rights (paid) $5,000
Total $12,700

Budget additions
Recording $200
Extension of hire of scripts $245

Ticket costings

$25 adult

$20 senior

$15 child

Other business : Committee and cast invited to gather at Andy and Maya’s at 6.00pm Saturday 15th May. Please bring a plate.

Meeting closed at 6.45pm


Next Meeting to be arranged.