Minutes of meeting held Sunday 11th April 2010 at Andy and Maya Spence’s home.

The meeting commenced at 4.05pm

Present: Richard, Andy, Maya, Jeanne, Lyn, Seth and Marion

Apologies: Dee, Mark and Janet.

Minutes of the previous meeting March 23rd were taken as read.

Matters arising. The matter of the awkward lock at Whittakers still to be addressed. Marion to ring Lloyd.

Signatories for the cheque book. Jeanne is still a signatory. Andy to look into getting his name on the list of signatories (when he returns from vacation)

Andy has the CD’s for Mozart under way and hopes to have them at Tuesday’s rehearsal.

Richard still to contact those who may be able to record the orchestral accompaniment for Forum, and the recording of the parts for the lead singers.

Richard and Judy have met with Colin who has now a good idea of requirements for the set.

Correspondence: No correspondence

Accounts No accounts for payment.


Sound: Seth to contact Radio Waiheke for sound technician able to use the recordings we hope to use.

Makeup: Maya with Lyn and Janet (wigs)

Dressers for cast: Jeannne M with Jane ? and Jan Skelton?

Lighting: This is to be separate from the sound. Richard to action a lighting plan. The lighting will also need to be on the ramp. Howard to be approached. Dee to be asked to negotiate with Sergio so that the lighting remains as we want it for the duration of the shows.

Advertising and Publicity: Andy to e.mail Mark to see if he will undertake this. The Theatre has a regular half page; Richard to follow up to see if WCS can be part of this arrangement for publicity.

Staging and Stage Manager: Andy to contact Jennie Knight and Janine.

Scenery and Backdrops: Colin has agreed to do this.

Props: Janet with Jeanne happy to be responsible during the shows.

Maya to look at producing the bust of Domina.

Set production including joinery and hanging: Colin.

Support for Richard: Dee

Opening Theatre for rehearsals: Richard

Seating: It is planned to present the show to an audience seated at tables, cabaret style with drinks and light refreshments at the bar.

Jeanne to check with Onetangi Rate Payers Ass. to see if their tables are available for the last weekend in June and the first weekend in July. There may be a small charge.

Providing tea coffee and biscuit supplies for rehearsals: Marion

Cleaning theatre: Seth to organise roster for cleaning the foyer, auditorium and bathrooms and put out rubbish between shows. Organise a working bee before opening.

Ticket sales and Front of House: Dawn with Marion and Jeanne if she needs help

Final performance flowers / thanks: Richard

Budgeting control: Andy

Costumes: Maya with Carla, Helen and Lyn. Richard to supply list of possible hire places. Lyn will contact Titirangi and Dolphin theatres

Programmes: format and production (needs volunteers to ring the sponsors.) Mark to be asked to design the programme.

Communication : with members via newsletter and telephone contact. Dee

Rehearsal co.ordination: when ? where? who? booking venue. Dee

Dancers: Maya to contact Adele (Otherworld) for dancers.

Lycus: Richard to follow up possible casting.

Tickets and Posters:

Gopher for Andy: Lyn


Costumes $1,000
Artworks Theatre $2,000
Paint / set $500
Tickets advert and programmes $600
Tea and coffee $200
Richards tickets $400
Make up $200
Presentations $200
Lighting $500
Props $500
Rights (paid) $5,000
Total $12,700

Ticket costings: it is proposed to perform to audiences seated at tables, cabaret style. This will limit the seating to about 70 per performance. In order to break even, without raising the price of tickets, it is very important that each of the performances is well attended from the very beginning of the season.

Tickets: $25 adult

$20 senior

$15 child

There being no general business

Meeting closed at 5.15pm

Thanks to Andy and Maya for their hospitality at this the first meeting of the new committee.

Next Meeting Tuesday 4th May at 6.00pm. at Whittakers.