Minutes of special meeting held Tuesday 16th Feb 2010 at Whittaker’s

The meeting commenced at 8.40pm

Present: Philip, Richard, Andy, Maya, Judy, Dee, Janet, Jeanne, Seth and Marion.

Apologies: Mark

Accounts for payment:

Gulf News. $34.43

National library $94.95 (Messiah Scripts)

Music Museum $168.75 (rent)

Fairfax Media $56.25


Richard voiced concern that at this stage we are still looking for lead cast members, and feels that we are losing ground time wise.

We have no one at present for the two young leads. Discussion on suitable young leads…various names came forward for committee members to follow up.

The decision was made to delay opening night by about 6 weeks.

Andy was asked to contact Hal and Leonard to see if we can delay the original dates by about 6 weeks.

Dee to check that the Theatre is available at a later date and also to contact all those who have shown interest to advise of the delay.

Cast to be invited to attend Tuesday 23 at Whittaker’s at 8.30pm.

King and I;

The Playhouse has accepted our offer to donate the King and I costumes.

Marion to contact Pat at the theatre and arrange for Big B to transport the boxes.

Andy to arrange to deliver the boxes from his place to Marion.

Meeting closed at 9.10pm

Next meeting Tuesday 23rd Feb 6.30pm at Whittaker’s