Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of Committee meeting held at  Artworks Theatre,

Tues. 15th Sept 2009.

Meeting opened at 7.00pm

Present: Philip, Jeanne, Marion, and Richard.

Apologies: Janet, Judy,Andy, Maya, Mark and Dee.


Minutes of meeting held on 25th Aug 09 were taken as read.

Matters arising: there were no matters arising



Advert for Peace Corps March.

Bulletin from NZ Choral Federation


Application to Creative New Zealand (thanks to the collaboration of Richard and Mark)


$ 9,717.00.  in Business Accelerator Acc.

$20,925.91 in cheque acc.


The seats for Art works have arrived, and are very comfortable.

Moved and Seconded: That the extra $2,000 needed for the seats be donated to Artworks. M. Richard  S.  Philip


Tuesday Rehearsals to commence at 7.00pm from next week.

Wednesday Rehearsals to commence shortly with alternate weeks for male and female .

 There will also be some Sunday rehearsals

No rehearsal Sept. 29th. Richard away 

Performances suggested . 5&6 Dec. and 12 &13 Dec.  Sat and Sun afternoon.

Venue: St Peter’s Waiheke and St. Joseph’s Grey Lynn( donations

 to help raise money for the roof , 75% to the church 25% to the choir)

CD’s for rehearsal music available through Mark.

Next Year:

Adverts to be placed in local papers, announcing the next project as “A Funny Thing Happened” inviting those interested to come forward.

Artworks Theatre to be booked on a Saturday pm  for a read through.

Auditions to be held in November.

Director to be found, with Richard as overall mentor.

Christmas Break up:

Tuesday 15th Dec.



 TUESDAY  OCTOBER  6th at 6.30pm at Whittakers, please.