Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of Committee meeting held at Artworks Theatre,

Tues. 25th Aug 2009.

Meeting opened at 6.40pm.

Present: Philip, Jeanne, Marion, Janet, Judy and Richard.

Apologies:Andy, Maya, Mark and Dee.

Minutes of meeting held on 2nd Aug 09 were taken as read.

Matters arising: The advert for voices to join us for “ Messiah” was placed in the Gulf News, and the response has been good.

Janet has been made a signatory in Mark’s absence.



Application form from NZ Post for Community Post free postage envelopes.

Survey from Telecom

Survey from APPRA

Information from NZ Choral Federation re” Sing Aotearoa 09”

Colin Beardon, with request for contribution towards Artworks theatre new seating.


It was decided to donate $3,000 in reply to Colin Beardon’s request on behalf of Artworks Theatre. Mved .Richard / Marion

We would like to also donate something to Whittakers. Letter to be written , to ascertain how our donation could best be used.


$ 9,700.77 in Business Accelorator Acc.

$21, 193.16 in cheque acc.

Suggested that some of this money could be invested in some way.


$14 reimbursement to Philip for Gulf News “Messiah “advert.

$309 To Playhouse, for costume hire.

$11.25 Fairfax media for “Messiah”advert.

Mved. Richard / Judy

Jeanne requested permission to order a ham for the Christmas get together, and a small fund for seasonal trimmings. This was approved. Jeanne to keep the receipts for reimbursement. Mved Janet / Judy


Emma Sloman at Creative Communites to be approached to find out what we need to do to apply for a grant for this year. The grant last year aided the success of Peter Pan.

Next Year:

After some discussion it was decided that “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” would best suit our current capabilities, with good ensemble numbers and with the possibility of some “Aucklanderisation”.

That we apply for the rights to “A funny thing”

Mved Judy / Janet

Passed unanimously.

Andy to be asked to ring up for the rights.

Director to be found.

12 week rehearsal time to be arranged.

Suggestion that the first night could be a dress up affair for the audience, with suitable forum seating ? and drinks and nibbles .


It was suggested that following the request from the Tuesday Cinema for a quieter sing, we consider a different venue for rehearsal while preparing “Messiah”.

Phil to check availability of. Artworks theatre for next Tuesday 1st Sept.

A note on Whittaker’s door to advise the change of venue.

Richard to investigate the possible use of St Peter’s Church as a practise venue in the future as this would have good light, acoustics and seating..

Richard to arrange extra rehearsals. Suggestion of the weekend of 5th/6th Sept 2-4pm

Judy to try to book Morra Hall for the 6th.

Messiah midi Music files available on the web thanks to Mark @ Waihekechoral.org.nz

Meeting closed at 7.20pm

Next Meeting; Tues 15th Sept @ 6.30pm at Artworks.

Apologies lodged by Judy who will be away until mid October.