APOLOGIES were received from Marion Knight. Chris Orange.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read with the following amendment.

Finance .The sum of $106.00 was given to Cut and Curl , and the following amendment to the code of conduct and behaviour.

Paragraph 4. Last sentence. The director will be informed and if deemed necessary the committee and /or police will be informed/

Last paragraph to be added to the document, Parents and caregivers will be expected to support the show during performances with rostered help backstage.

These amendments to the minutes and code of behaviour were accepted and passed unanimously.

CORRESPONDENCE There was no correspondence.

FINANCE There are still some accounts outstanding for Peter Pan and as soon as we receive them thy will be paid. Mark will be taken compassionate leave of absence and we will appoint a temporary Treasurer. Change of signatures needed. Philip will get the forms.

Official part of the meeting was adjourned for dinner. Over the meal which was kindly provided by Andy and Maya we held an informal discussion about the Choral Society’s future and involvement, using a different age group and musical levels .Possibly have a show written locally written. Alan Knight was mentioned as a possibility. This to be discussed formally when the meeting reconvened.

The meeting reconvened at 6.30pm.

GENERAL BUSINESS After the informal discussion , we now have a better idea for the future direction. The show to be put on in the early part of the year , with a special Christmas Show to be performed in 2010. Charles Dickens “Christmas Carol“and a carol concert to be two separate shows. A list of nineteen possible shows was discussed and after some research on the internet it was whittled down to two. Guys and Dolls and A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum .It was decided against our original choice of “Oliver” This could still change.

An advert to go in The Gulf News” and The Market place  for two weeks for more voices for The Messiah, to be performed late November and early December 2009 The Society’s Christmas break-up will be one week after the Messiah. The meeting closed at 7.15pm. Next meeting will be Tues Aug 18th at Whittakers at 6.30pm.