Minutes of meeting held Sunday 19th July 09 at 7, Putiki Road


The meeting commenced at 6.45pm

Present: Philip, Richard, Mary, Andy, Maya, Jeanne, Seth, Janet, Mark and Marion.

Apologies: Dee.

Minutes from the previous meeting on 7th July were read and accepted as a true record.

                                               Janet /Jeanne

Matters Arising: Creative NZ. Mark will have the report ready before the end of the month, and will include a copy of the DVD.

Messiah. Richard will contact Ian and also arrange a band.


Gulf News advert for Messiah.  $41.00

Charities Commission.               $50.00

                                              Andy / Jeanne

Treasures Report:

Peter Pan total income from ticket sales, sponsorship and grants

         actual  $20, 201                 estimated $16,000

expenses to date

         actual  $7,950                    estimated $13,700

There are still a few outstanding expenses including costume hire

It was pointed out that the set cost very little due to Colin’s diligence in using recycled materials and generosity with his time and effort.

Royalties were also substantially less for Peter Pan than for Oliver…the show originally budgeted for.


Total in Bank account $20,965.47

It was suggested that some of this should be put into the Savings account.

Donations to local charities to be considered.

                                              Andy / Jeanne

Code of Conduct:

Philip proposed a draft guideline.

Maya felt that in the event of a serious complaint the onus should not fall on the Director and the Safety Officer, but that the committee should be involved before handing to the police.

Mark offered to show the proposed guidelines to a friendly solicitor for comment.

Seth also suggested his father take a look, for comment.


Richard to set a time table for rehearsals which Dee will send out.

Rehearsals will be every Tuesday with the possibility of alternate weeks for men and ladies.

Richard to contact the soloists…performance time will be decided around the availability of these people.

Suggested that the amount of work warrants more than one performance, possibly over two weekends and including one performance in town.

Newcomers to the choir to be invoiced for half annual Choir membership fee.

Tickets to be sold rather than just a koha requested.

PeterPan Review:

Ticketing.It was noted that the ticket sales from Cut and Curl had not been financially recognised with the 10% cut as in previous years. $80  worth of seats had been gifted and it was agreed that a further $100 be given to ? Sanders?(Bianca’s Mother) for her involvement in ticket sales.

Marion to ascertain her identity and see that she gets the cheque.

Thanks to go to Dawn for her sterling effort with the ticketing and apologies for her not being credited in print…Marion to pass this on.

Costumes worked well, with a good system developing with experience.

Make up workshop prior to the show gave some children the confidence to help with the make up, but also caused the waste of a lot of make up the first night with children doing it themselves.

Music turned out really well.

Lighting. It was felt that there was not a lot of variation …need more lights, people and willingness to use gels.

Parent help was sadly lacking. Jo and Sandra were unable to get the help backstage to look after the children.

This reluctance to help especially in the last weeks needs to be avoided by bringing this necessary duty to the attention of the parents at audition time.

The code of conduct could include a statement that children be accepted into a show on condition that there is an adult willing to be rostered on to help with the children especially during the show time. 

Christmas function:

To be held the week after the Messiah has been performed

Onetangi hall…Jeanne offered to organise again.

Acts, turns, songs etc to be encouraged.

Marion has lots of books with new and old songs to be copied for more song sheets. Carols requested

Next Year: and further into the future. Richard would like a discussion on where the Choral Society wants to head in the future. There are many options…do we want to continue with children’s shows…could these run concurrently with other offerings, both musical and non-musical?

What to do next year…is Oliver still our choice?

Time needed for this discussion, so time given for thought and the next meeting will discuss this.

Chris Orange and Colin Beardon should be invited to the committee meetings.


Next Meeting: 5.00pm Sunday 26th July at Maya and Andy’s

This meeting  will include  a catered meal to be paid for by WCS.

Agenda…..next years programme…and future direction.


Meeting closed at 8.05pm